Inland Navigation

One standard river cargo ship alone (self-propelled barge) can transport cargo as much as 100 HGVs or a railway composition with 100 wagons.

Inland Navigation Development Center ltd. provides project management, research and development services, IT and consulting services, technical solutions and support, and public relations and lobbying. Main goal is continuous improvement of inland navigation with the help of the latest technical achievements as well as with involvement of other interested parties. Our customers and users can expect the most effective technical solutions and professional support.
The emphasis is on our actions on integrating river transport into international transport and logistics chains through multimodal transport models.
CRUP d.o.o. is one of the leading European companies in the field of development and implementation of River Information Services (RIS) in accordance with European directives and standards. We are proud on development of our own RIS software and implementation of the entire system in Croatia, Slovakia, Serbia, Bulgaria and the implementation of AIS network as the basis of RIS in France on the rivers Seine and Rhone.

Project Management

EU financed, development of technology solutions, turizm, transport and IT.


Business processes, Information technologies, Transport, IT security.

Information Technology

Development and implementation software solutions, IT systems, management and system integration.

ISO 27000, ISO 20000

Quality management

Security and quality are exceptionally important to us. Information security management and quality of IT services are performed according to ISO standards.

We are proud of

Our work, dedication and reliability make achivements


International projects


International partners


Own applications


Years of existance


We pay utmost attention to all we do in order to deliver best solutions and products.

IT systems design

From client/server systems for specialized purposes to complex systems combining diverse technologies such as VoIP, IoT, AIS, VHF...

Business applications

Special purpose, tailor made applications for specific business processes and standard business applications helping standardize business processes and improve operations.

IT Management

Standardizing IT infrastructure and operations to serve it’s purpose in optimal way so the business can benefit from it the best possible and sustainable way.


Analysis and standardisation of business processes, implementation of IT technology in SME's, education for the use of the technology and IT security improvement (ISO 27000).

Transport sector

Since 2003, participating in development projects. Specialized in river and multimodal transport, interdisciplinary projects combining environmental protection, tourism and IT.

Project management

Wealth of experience in project management focusing on EU co-financed projects. Writing development projects in the field of technology solutions, tourism, transport and IT.


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