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One standard river cargo ship alone (self-propelled barge) can transport cargo as much as 100 HGVs or a railway composition with 100 wagons.

Inland waterway transport is the most efficient and very often the only possible form of transportation. It is possible to transport loads whose weights or size exceed those that are acceptable for transport on the road or rail.
Some cargoes have a value per unit of weight at such a level that the price of transport by road or rail would have exceeded the value of the goods.
Inland waterway transport is also ecologically the most acceptable because, apart from the fact that the pollution per unit of weight of the transported cargo is least, the roads and tracks are released for the carriage of passengers and sensitive goods.

European Union recognizes the inland navigation sector as an important element for economic development in a sustainable and environmentally acceptable way. Through a number of incentives, EU is actively working on making the inland navigation more efficient and accessible way of transport.

The establishment of national focal points (“Danube Logistics Promotion Centres“) with Danube wide information and services is concluded within the project. The contact persons, contact data and the tasks of the “Danube Logistics Promotion Centres“ are clearly listed in a new brochure.
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Project co-funded by European Union Funds (ERDF, IPA).

We are partners on EU project Danube SKILLS - Increased institutional capacity in Danube navigation by boosting joint transnational competences and skills in education and public development services.

Tools and Information

Quick access to available tools and useful information about Inland navigation, Transport planning, financing...

Fairway Information

In old times, lack of information about the fairway and unpredictability of the travel were the main obstacles for choosing this mode of transport.
Nowadays, all information necessary for efficient travel planning and navigation, such as water levels, notices and alerts, regime on the locks, can be found on one place.
That significantly contributed to improved security and efficiency of navigation.


Information about ports along the fairway such as location – river kilometer and bank side, type of cargo and embarkation, contact information are available on one place - Danube Logistic Portal

Information about Danube ports can also be found on Danube Commission official site.

Shipping and Forwarding companies

Information about shippers and logistic companies, including useful tools for shipping planning such as „Travel Time Calculator“ and „Transport Planner“.

Information on National and International funding

Financing opportunities of Inland navigation transport (IWT) related projects on national and international level.

Information on perspective markets for Danube Logistics

Document containing detailed analysis of Danube corridor freight transport market created as an output of Platina II project.

Promotion of Danube Logistics

Manual on Danube Navigation.
The manual is intended for all participants in inland navigation and all other interested parties. Since it is also used as a vocational training textbook in this area, the Handbook significantly contributes to the expansion of knowledge and inspiration for future users to use the most environmentally friendly means of transport.

Ship types on Danube

Basic types of vessels involved in river freight transport

Motorized Cargo Vessel

A single motorised cargo vessel can carry up to 2,000 tonnes of cargo. This corresponds to the cargo capacity of 80 freight vehicles and the weight of approximately 1,800 automobiles or 25,000 washing machines. A motorised cargo vessel can be connected to one or more pushed lighters, which results in a corresponding increase in cargo capacity.

Push convoy

A push convoy comprised of a push vessel and four pushed lighters can transport approximately 7,000 tons of cargo. In the lower reaches of the Danube, the use of larger convoys is possible, with up to 12 lighters.

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